Review the local resources below:

2-1-1 Kern County

Dial 211 on a phone or visit to connect to an extensive list of local community resources.

2-1-1 Kern County, a program of Community Action Partnership of Kern (CAPK), provides comprehensive information and referral services that link Kern County residents to community health and human services and support.

Callers seeking assistance dial 2-1-1 and are connected with Information and Referral Specialists who utilize a resource directory to research and provide the information requested.

Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault

If you are a victim of domestic violence and need shelter, restraining order services, housing assistance and more then call the local 24 hour hotline 661-327-1091 For more information about this organization visit

Department of Human Services

To apply for foodstamps, cash aid or medical you can start the application process online by visiting

Mental Health Hotlines

  • Local Crisis Hotline 661.868.8000
  • Mary K. Shell 661.868.8080

National Crisis Hotlines

What Our Clients Say

"This is a great place, no doubt. I am a custodial parent I can not express my gratitude to this place. You are doing fantastic things for our community and I can only hope that people will truly see your passion for the children. My kids miss your staff! Thank you!"
"Thanks to this place I am able to move on from a bad relationship. Now I can heal since I do not have to see my abuser during exchanges of our children. Thank you!"
"I took the anger management classes on my own because I needed to be better for my wife and kids. It was one of the best things I ever did. Thank you for helping me be better for my family."
"I didn't want to take parenting classes but the judge made me. I learned a lot about how to be a better parent and I feel like it was really good for me. The staff was not judgmental or rude. I really learned a lot. "
"Me and my kids feel safe here. If it wasn't for this place they would not be able to see their mom. We are so grateful for this place."
"Let me tell you, this place saved my life. The staff was so nice and I didn’t feel like I was in trouble. I actually was able to enjoy my time with my children. Not only that, I was able to show the judge! We use their exchange services now and will probably continue to in order to keep the peace. I can not say enough to this place and what it has done for our family!"
"Great place it works great and the staff is very helpful."