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Comprehensive Family Services

It is the mission of Y-Empowerment Inc. to help families who have experienced domestic violence. We strive to help families overcome their adversities and become healthy and supportive survivors through social interaction and education. It is our sole purpose to promote healthy families despite the issues that they may have endured, in a safe and empowering atmosphere

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Supervised Visitation

Supervised Visitation is contact between a noncustodial party and one or more children in the presence of a neutral third person.

At Y-Empowerment, we provide Supervised Visitations conducted by Professional Child Visitation Providers. The roll of the Provider is to ensure the safety of the children, both parents and themselves over the course of the visitation. Our goal is to form a safe, affordable, fun and welcoming environment for all parties in the matter, especially the children.

Getting Started

Before contacting our facility to set up visitation, please be aware that both parties must complete intake at least one week prior to setting up your visitation. In order to set up an intake, you must already have the following:

•Current Court Order

•Current ID

•Picture of children visiting (Provided by Custodial Parent)

•Proof of Income (Provided by the party responsible for service fees)

Once you have obtained all of the above, you must call our office to schedule an intake appointment; there are no walk-ins.

Intake fee must be paid prior to intake being scheduled. Once intake is scheduled, you must call at least 24 hours in advance to cancel. If not canceled within 24 hours, your payment will be forfeited. Remember our office is open by appointment only. Call 661.324.5437


Can you guys serve the other party for us?2019-07-12T03:23:41+00:00

No, serving of documents at our facility is absolutely prohibited. You must not use our facility or the surrounding entrances and parking area as a place to serve. If this occurs the visitation will be terminated.

Does the court send you over our information?2019-07-12T03:23:02+00:00

No, it would be your responsibility to obtain your necessary information and bring them to us.

When do I pay?2019-07-12T03:21:58+00:00

Your visitations must be paid a full week in advance. For the weekends you must pay by the Friday prior before 5:00 p.m. No exceptions.

Why do I have to clean my mess?2019-07-12T03:20:58+00:00

We are here to monitor your visitations only. We do not clean after you or get things for you. You must clean after your visitation (wipe down the table, throw away the trash, put toys back in the designated spot, and vacuum) beginning 15 minutes to the end or your visitation. Monitors will give 15-minute warning. Failure to do so will result in termination. It is imperative for you to clean after your visitation as the next family coming in should be able to enter into a clean room.

Can my visitations be offsite?2019-07-12T03:19:45+00:00

If your court order specifically says you have us as the visitation provider and you want offsite it would have to say in the order you are able to do offsite visitations.

How do I receive my reports?2019-07-12T03:19:08+00:00

We only provide electronic reports via email.

Do I have to interact with the other party?2019-07-12T03:18:20+00:00

No. Interaction between both parties is prohibited. There are two separate entrances and if there any intentional interactions by the parties services will be terminated.

How soon can I get my visitation?2019-07-12T03:17:36+00:00

After both parties have completed their intake, a week from that date we would be able to put you on the calendar as it falls in line with your court order. (Example) If your court order says you have 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends and your intakes are completed on the 3rd week, you would not be scheduled until the 5th weekend.

My visitations were terminated by your facility, can I come back and start them again?2019-07-12T03:16:44+00:00

No would be the general answer. But depending on the circumstances of the reason for termination, we may consider allowing them to start again.

If my child doesn’t stay at the visitation, do I get a credit?2019-07-12T03:15:17+00:00

No, unfortunately upon scheduling your visitation there is a specific monitor assigned and your spot is secured. The monitors only come in specifically to do your visitations, and your spot cannot be filled. If you or the custodial party feels the child is not going to stay, we suggest starting off your visitations with fewer hours. It is up to you what amount of time you would like to set, but we only suggest starting off with an hour until the children feel comfortable and work up to the amount of time given.

What if I want to change my current monitor?2019-07-12T03:12:04+00:00

If a person wants to switch to a different supervised visitation provider they would need to contact the court.

I’m a Custodial Parent, do I have to do my intake if the other party hasn’t?2019-07-12T03:07:44+00:00

It is encouraged to do your intake, but not necessary if the other party hasn’t. Unfortunately, not everyone ordered to do visitations follow through. We require that if it has been more than 6 months of inactivity that another intake would have to be scheduled. If the other party is required to pay, we do not do the intake unless it is paid. If the Noncustodial parent completes their intake and leaves your contact information with us, we will contact you to set up your intake. If they do not have your contact information, it would be your responsibility to check in to see if they have come in. We do not do any reports or information gathering unless there is an intake done. If you would like documentation, you would need to complete an intake.

Do I have to do the full amount of time I was given to visit my children if I can’t afford to?2019-07-12T03:02:29+00:00

No, we understand that not everyone can afford a full day of visitation. We require only a minimum of an hour visitation to schedule.

What can I bring to my visitations?2019-07-12T02:46:27+00:00

You can bring things that you know your children would like (Unless specified at your intake) such as toys activities and food. It is your responsibility to provide for your children over the course of the visitation time. We provide some games and activities, but they are subject to use. If a visiting family does not take care of our activities, they will no longer be able to use them and would need to rely on their own.

Can I bring other friends/family to my visitations?2019-07-12T02:45:13+00:00

Visitations are specifically for the noncustodial parent and their children. If they would like to have additional people approved, it must state that they can come in the court order or they can be approved by the Custodial party. If not stated in the court order, the noncustodial parent must notify our facility at the time of setting up visitation to get approval from us.

What if I can not afford to do my visitations is there a fee waiver?2019-07-12T02:43:15+00:00

If you are unable to afford to do your visitations and have no one to help you, you must address it with the court. There are no fee waivers for Supervised Visitations, but we offer a sliding scale fee option based upon your income.

Why do I have to pay to see my children?2019-07-12T02:36:47+00:00

There are two types of Supervised Visitations; Non-professional Providers such as a family or friend that will do your visitations for free, or a Professional Visitation Provider who gets paid for services. If the courts ordered you Professional Visitations, you would be subject to their fees.

How do I enter the building?2019-07-12T02:37:48+00:00

We are a secured building and there are no walk-ins. We are by appointments only. During your intake, you will be given instructions on how to enter.

Supervised Exchanges

In high conflict co-parenting situations exchanges of the children from one parent to the other may have to be supervised. We allow for simple and conflict free exchanges that are documented in reports available to both parties. Please call the office at 661.324.5437 to set up an appointment for services.

Our agency is open by appointment only.

Parenting Classes

Another educational program that we offer to adults are parenting classes. Whether it be for court ordered or not. We understand that people may have not made the best choices when it comes to parenting, we’ve all made mistakes. We want to give everyone who comes through our doors the chance to better themselves to become their best for their children.

Anger Management Classes

Whether you have a court order to complete classes or you just want to better yourself we can help you.

If you are in need, please give us a call and we will get you going on one of the best self-empowerment choices you will make.

You won’t regret it!

They say “Anger is nothing more than an outward expression of hurt, fear, and frustration.” We understand that and are here to help.

Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Darkness to Light, Stewards of Children Training for local providers who work with children and training for parents and families. Our goal in these trainings, is to arm parents, organizations, and anyone who is directly in contact with children, the proper information that is needed to protect children from sexual abuse.

CPR & First Aid Training

Our goal with our CPR and first Aid Certification program is that all of our families have proper training in saving their families. It is imperative that all families have the access to provide safety to each other. Certification for families who are affected by domestic violence is of the up most importance.

•Low rate certification for families who are victims of domestic violence.

•Public events related to first aid.

What Our Clients Say

"This is a great place, no doubt. I am a custodial parent I can not express my gratitude to this place. You are doing fantastic things for our community and I can only hope that people will truly see your passion for the children. My kids miss your staff! Thank you!"
"Thanks to this place I am able to move on from a bad relationship. Now I can heal since I do not have to see my abuser during exchanges of our children. Thank you!"
"I took the anger management classes on my own because I needed to be better for my wife and kids. It was one of the best things I ever did. Thank you for helping me be better for my family."
"I didn't want to take parenting classes but the judge made me. I learned a lot about how to be a better parent and I feel like it was really good for me. The staff was not judgmental or rude. I really learned a lot. "
"Me and my kids feel safe here. If it wasn't for this place they would not be able to see their mom. We are so grateful for this place."
"Let me tell you, this place saved my life. The staff was so nice and I didn’t feel like I was in trouble. I actually was able to enjoy my time with my children. Not only that, I was able to show the judge! We use their exchange services now and will probably continue to in order to keep the peace. I can not say enough to this place and what it has done for our family!"
"Great place it works great and the staff is very helpful."

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